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2013 Georgia Author of the Year Award Nominee

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(Publication date September 23, 2013)
Fiction, Humorous
170 pages – Paperback – 6" x 9"

Twenty years of living in Greater Metropolitan Roopville taught Truman Fable all he needed to know about the South: that twenty years was barely a toehold in time to a true Southerner. In this light, lively tale Truman manages to out-maneuver his social gaffes with the help of his friendly attorney Jim Dimity, sexy Judge Butler, Jim's hot-tempered sister Sally, social icons Junior and Daphne Butterswing (of THE Butterswings of Wett Lake Drive), Pastor Joe Otis Jackson, appealing Nancy Sweetanall and Truman's nemesis, serial bride Mrs. Viola Hassendoodle.

Toss in a few playful goats, mix well with a dash of hometown events and add the occasional small town ode and you, too, will know what it takes to live in the rural South. "Greater Metropolitan Roopville may not be the end of the world, but there is a strong argument for it as the Chatterstrip at the End of Civilization."

A Chatterstrip at the End of Civilization

by Jay Michael Jones