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2009 Georgia Author of the Year Award Nominee

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(Publication date 2009)
Relition / Holidays / Christmas & Advent
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Advent is a joyous time when we prepare for family celebrations—food, presents, and decorations. Do we also prepare our hearts for the celebrations of the arrival of the Lord of Creation? Jesus’ birth is too important for us to allow it to be hidden among the scraps of gift paper and tangled lights that litter our pre-Christmas days. A Christmas Walk is a series of Advent devotions that seeks to prepare our hearts for the arrival of our Savior and allows us to appreciate the gift that sets the stage for Easter. By providing a walk through prophecies and their fulfillment, these devotions allow us to savor the beauty of God’s plan to provide us with a relationship with Him. A Christmas Walk is a companion volume to An Easter Walk.

A Christmas Walk: Devotion for Advent

by Zan Marie Steadham