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(Publication date July 19, 2013)
History, Local
196 pages – Paperback – 8.5" x 11"

This book presents the rich and colorful history of a town that developed in the late 1800's--frontier days forever changed with the coming of the railroad and the crowning of King Cotton. It was a time when early settlers battled the elements, Buckhorn Tavern was a busy stagecoach stop, and the perennial clash of good and evil was witnessed in a shoot-out between the notorious horse-thieving Pony Club and their nemesis, a vigilante group called The Slicks. In time, perseverance triumphed over adversity, and honest commerce created a bustling market place. Despite its small size, the town proved quite progressive, with many innovations and personal accomplishments among its citizens; in fact, the town boasts many “firsts” and “famous.” Though faced with many challenges through the years, Temple persists and continues to earn its place in history.

A History of Temple, Georgia

by Ruth Holder