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(Publication date March 31, 2015)
Fiction / Romance / Historical / General
264 pages – Paperback – 6.14" x 9.21"

Claudia Kennedy’s novel explores the dichotomies of daily life: love and hate, devotion and betrayal, sin and redemption. Using the Book of Ecclesiastes as a framework, Kennedy touches on Biblical stories and themes: the conflicts between parents and children, between brother and brother, between husbands and wives. Kennedy’s descriptions are vivid, and her character development is insightful. Her writing puts the reader in the book and in her themes. The novel, while set in the South, is not a regional work. Instead, it imbues the characters and events with a feeling of Biblical significance. The archetypal elements of the novel explore human lives as we search for meaning and order in our quest for identity. This is a book to read and enjoy.  --Robert C. Covel, Author of String Theory and Wind Song

In this poignant tale, Claudia Kennedy takes the reader along the road traveled by all humanity. A story well told, leaving the reader anxious for Kennedy's next book.  --Helen Naismith, Author of The Mystery Trip

A Time to Sow and a Time to Reap

by Claudia Rowe Kennedy