Vabella Publishing

About Us

 Vabella Publishing is a small publishing house.  All of the books we publish are edited by one of our in-house editors before publication.  We are NOT a vanity publisher.   
When John Bell wrote his first book, Shoeless Summer, in 2001, he shopped it around to publishers.  Several were interested in publishing the work, but the earliest any of them could have the book out was eighteen months.  From his time working in his father’s print shop as a teen, John knew a lot about the art of book-making.  After a lot of research on publishing books, he and his wife, Virginia, decided to make an attempt at starting a small publishing company.  They did so under the name Vabella Publishing, and thus the company was born.
The name “Vabella” is derived from the abbreviation of Virginia, “VA.”  Although it is most commonly used to refer to the state, Virginia Bell has long used it as a shortened version when writing her name with the last name “Bell” following.  The Italian word “bella” literally translates to “beautiful,” so the “a” was added to the end of VA and Bell to make “Vabella.”
John and Virginia live in Carrollton, Georgia with their three children, three cats, and their dog Gary.