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Bearing Crosses

by Penny Gardin Lewis

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SKU: 9781942766353
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(Publication date March 25, 2017)
Fiction / Humorous
184 pages – Paperback – 6" x 9"
Ebook (Kindle)
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Retired, middle aged twins, Penny and Pam take a trip, driving across the South, to photograph roadside crosses. The project is for their Mom who plans to use the photos to design her own memorial before she passes on to those Heavenly gates. But this well-meaning adventure is side railed when a call from Mom has the girls take a detour to Athens, Tennessee to investigate a murder. It seems that black sheep cousin, Jacey has got herself arrested for chopping off the head of her husband Junebug. His poor head is found in a salad bowl that the girls suspect Jacey stole at the family reunion. Pam's more daring personality, her special "intuitive" gifts, and the possibility that she is a murderer herself play havoc with Penny's more cautious reluctance and dry wit as they try to help Jacey's quirky attorney and a handsome police detective discover the truth.