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A Chatterstrip at the End of Civilization by Jay Michael Jones

A Christmas Walk by Zan Marie Steadham

A Circle of Secrets by Joyce Farmer Trammell

A History of Temple, Georgia by Ruth Holder

​A Soapy Surprise by Sheron Pilcher

A Time to Sow and A Time to Reap by Claudia Rowe Kennedy

Adventures of Diggerydoo and Taller Too, The by Richard Allen Anderson

An Easter Walk by Zan Marie Steadham

Another Season Spent by Richard Allen Anderson

Arcainians, The by T.L. Gray

As For Me & My House by Daniel Patrick

Backyard Campout, The by Kat & Margaret King

Beachcomber's Bounty by Mary Saxon Wilburn

Bearing Crosses by Penny Gardin Lewis

Belle Rouge by Joyce Farmer Trammell

Beyond the Tempest Gate by Jeff Suwak

Biggest Little Fan of the Red Ball Express, The by Jay Michael Jones

Birds I've Met through the Alphabet by Amy Tietjen (illustrated by Seth Fitts)

Bugs I've Met through the Alphabet by Amy Tietjen (illustrated by Seth Fitts)

Blood of Cain, The by T.L. Gray

BOO! by Kat & Margaret King

Bottom Rung by Scott Parks

Buddy Hears Holly by Debbie Malloy and Kim Harman

Bugs I've Met through the Alphabet by Amy Tietjen (illustrated by Seth Fitts)

Clive Barrow by Thomas Young

Coming Out of Winter by Thomas Young

Compost Happens by Shelly Hargis Murphy

Driving With My Blinker On by Eleanor Wolfe Hoomes

Ella's Tree Pose by July C. Nicholas

End of Paradise, The by George Bauer

Ethria by Jason Argos

Eye of the Beholder by Eleanor Wolfe Hoomes

Fields of Fire by Jay Michael Jones

Find the Wind by Jeanette Pickering

Flight of the Armada by Jay Michael Jones

From the News to the Pews by Steve Davis

Frozen in Time by Larry G. Johnson

Fruit of the Spirit, The by Glenn Tabor

Games, Lies & Deceit by DJ Cole & RD Davis

Georgia Class-D Minor League Baseball Encyclopedia by John Bell

Givenness of Things, The by Lisa Plummer Crafton

God Pleasing Faith by Daniel Patrick

Grandma's Wrinkles by Glenda Sisk

Green Thumbs by Eleanor Wolfe Hoomes

Head Lights for Dark Roads by Diane Quimby

Hear Me Scream by R.M. James

History of St. Leon, The by Cletus R. Bulach

How the Magic Began ~ The Star by Amariah Dixon

I Once Knew Vincent by Michelle Rene

Inside the Head of the Oldest Co-ed in Dixie by Dee Dee Murphy

Ivan the Terrible Rooster by Carol E. Doxey

Jackson Flats by Chuck Wanager

Keezy's 10 Awesome Rules for Teenaged Dating by T.L. Gray

Kicking and Screaming by Kat & Margaret King

Layla and Her Big Life Lesson by Danielle Windom

​Left Wanting More by Marc LaFountain

Life in the Kingdom Today by Harley Fiddler

LOT 12 by Carol E. Doxey

Making Eating Right Easy by Cynthia Bland

Microwave is Dead by Penny Gardin Lewis
Milledgeville Misfit by T.L. Gray

Miss Bizzy Belle by Larry G. Johnson

Montana Winter Days by Marjorie M. Snipes

Mystery Trip, The by Helen Naismith

Peshtigo by George Bauer

Pickle It! by John Bell

Potholes in Memory Lane by Richard Allen Anderson

Shoeless Summer by John Bell

Short Reflections by Louis Brown

Sixteen Windows by Chuck Wanager

Song of the Goddess by Jason Argos

Steeple People by Steve Davis

String Theory by Robert C. Covel

Survival of the Unthinkable by Fred Hamlin

Sweet Winds of Egypt by Jeanette Pickering

Take a Knee by Steve Davis

Taking our love offline by Chuck Wanager

Twilight of the Gods by Robert C. Covel

War Baby, The by Larry G. Johnson

What's Wrong with My Plants? by Carl Brack, Sr.

Where Fairies Dance by Jill Duncan (illustrated by Seth Fitts)

Wind Song by Robert C. Covel

Windows to the Soul by Diana Black

Wonder, the Princess Pig by Claire Baker

Words From The River by James Dalton Byrd