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Keep us with Carol E. Doxey:

Carol E. Doxey

“I was born in a small farm town in northwest Iowa. I graduated high school, had a year of elementary education in our small junior college, and left home when I was 19. I have lived in several places since.

“I have worked in libraries, state jobs, federal job in Wyoming, etc., etc. I have a two-year degree in law enforcement and was a correctional officer for eleven years. 

“I love to travel and have been to Costa Rica and Germany and plan to visit many more places before I die of old age. I started to attempt to write when I was in third grade. I have had several articles and stories published in magazines, and LOT 12 was my first book. I am very excited to present my second book, Ivan the Terrible Rooster. 

“I have 3 daughters, 5 granddaughters and 6 great-grandchildren. I live in Carrollton, Georgia, AND I enjoy life!”

Titles by Carol E. Doxey: