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Dr. Cletus R. Bulach attended the two room schoolhouse at St. Joseph’s for grades 1-8 (1944-1952). He attended Guilford High School for his freshman and sophomore years and transferred to Sunman High School for his last two years and graduated in 1956. On graduation he began work at the Sperry Rubber factory between Cedar Grove and Brookville. In 1957, he joined the army and qualified to become a member of the 82nd Airborne Division. He served three years as a ballistic meteorologist and made 20 jumps. After discharge, he again was employed by Sperry Rubber as a guard during the strike. At that time he also enrolled as a full time student at the University of Cincinnati. He graduated in 1964 with a bachelor’s degree as a teacher of German and History. His first teaching assignment was at Western Hills High School in Cincinnati in 1964. He received his Master’s Degree in 1969 from Xavier University and his doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Cincinnati in 1974. During his career, he was a teacher, assistant principal, assistant superintendent and a superintendent in three different school districts. After 30 years, he retired in 1990 and sought employment as a college professor. He was an associate professor at Murray State University (1990-1993) and at the University of West Georgia (1993-2003). He retired and was awarded associate professor emeritus status at the university. He is the author of numerous articles in educational journals and is co-author of the book Creating a Culture for A High Performing School: A Comprehensive Approach to School Reform, Dropout Prevention, and Bullying Behavior. The reform and school culture described in the book create a learning environment where students’ five basic needs are met. This leads to improved test scores and a 75% reduction in student discipline and misbehavior problems. There are many publications on his website describing his research about school culture and climate, bullying behavior, leadership behavior, human relations, and character development. 

Cletus R. Bulach