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2012 Georgia Author of the Year Nominee

Head Lights for Dark Roads

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Diane Quimby is a former educator, corporate training manager, and journeyman carpenter. She taught carpentry at Atlanta Technical College and was the 1998 recipient of the Rick Perkins Award, Teacher of the Year for post-secondary teachers in Georgia. She was the first woman in Atlanta local #3024 to achieve journeyman status, and the first woman department chair of a skilled trades division in a technical college in Georgia.   While working at BE&K Construction Inc. as manager of training, she designed and directed an annual free one-week Girls Construction Summer Camp. After recovering from her car accident she co-founded Mentoring A Girl in Construction (MAGIC) Summer Camp that reaches high school girls across the nation.   Diane serves on the Georgia Brain & Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission (BSITF) Advisory Committee, and is a volunteer in the Traumatic Brain Injury Peer Visiting Program at the Shepherd Center. She has a BS in Education and an MA in Adult Education. As a public speaker, she shares her story at conferences and seminars offering hope to traumatic brain injury survivors and caregivers. She shares her unique experiences and lessons learned on her continuing journey of healing in her book, Head Lights for Dark Roads: Packing Humor and Hope for the Unexpected Trip through Traumatic Brain Injury. All profits from the sale of her book are donated to TBI organizations.

Diane Quimby