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(Publication date December 7, 2013)
Travel / Caribbean & West Indies
136 pages – Paperback – 5.5" x 8.5"

Adventure is no stranger to Jeanette Pickering. She lives by the adage that "Happiness is your state of mind and the way you pursue that state of mind." She agrees with Eric Weiner, the author of the "Geography of the Bliss", when he states that how we pursue the goal of happiness matters at least as much, perhaps more, that the goal itself. Jeanette spent her first seventy years finding happiness in the adventures of a delightful childhood and the pleasures of being a wife and mother of four also adventuresome children. Following the death of her husband of forty-seven years, she chose to see what the world had to offer. She visited Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe. On a cruise through the Caribbean Islands, she chose to take a side trip to snorkel the waters around the island of St. Thomas. That experience opened up the opportunity for a new life. Enjoy her accounting of her first year of sailing through the Caribbean waters on a small twenty-eight foot sloop with a sailor who was to become her Captain, both in sailing and in her life as she knew it then.

Find the Wind

by Jeanette Pickering