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(Publication date July 8, 2014)
Fiction / Science Fiction / Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic
270 pages – Paperback – 6" x 9"

A global economic crash and the release of a deadly virus exterminates most of the world's population.  From the ashes of a ruined nation, a new breed of humans arise.     Raven Carrier, guided by a strange voice inside her head, is on a dangerous mission to find her stolen son—or else die trying.  Along the way, she meets Ata, a blue-haired girl with an uncertain mission of her own.  Together, the two survivors tackle the evils of a lawless state.     Nico Lowell travels from county to county curing the sick and injured.  While his healing and sharp senses have saved many lives, he is unable to heal his own weakening body from self-destruction.  He cannot fully exist without another, one he has searched for his entire life, until he catches the scent of her spilled blood from miles away.  He puts everything on the line to reach her before it's too late.     Imprisoned by the rebel soldiers who brutally abused and murdered his family, Camden Sickles struggles to conform to the vicious militia overpowering the southern region.  In captivity, he learns of the Sorrows, the next step in human evolution.  This northern government have deprived the people of basic liberties, including the right to exist.  Camden, a southern slave, is forced to do unspeakable acts of degradation until the day he breaks and discovers what it takes to fight for freedom.     For Raven, Nico, and Camden, their destinies coincide around Ata.  For family, Raven follows the girl to a decaying city.  For life, Nico vows to protect her from harm.  For freedom, Camden guides her to the uncharted wilderness.  For survival, humanity must keep her alive.     The girl screams and all hear.

Hear Me Scream

by R.M. James