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Jeanette Pickering has always been an adventurous person. Having been raised in a small rural community and given the freedom of earlier times to explore her world, small though it may have been, prepared her for the enjoyment she would find in the larger world of her future. She and her husband of forty-seven years raised their children over the funeral home that they owned and operated most of her life. After his death, Jeanette left grief and chose to see what else this world had to offer. She visited Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe. She backpacked through the U. S. with her brother, enjoying the western mountains and deserts. At the age of seventy, on a trip to the Caribbean, she met and married a sailor. They sailed those waters in a small twenty-eight foot sloop for nearly eight years. Jeanette authored a weekly column in her local newspaper, telling stories of those adventures.

Jeanette Pickering