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There are many publications that address diets and they often contain recipes that help the reader prepare foods that are conducive to weight loss. None that I have seen present information or meals that address the life threatening “diets” of both diabetics and hypertensives (Metabolic Syndrome). This guide is unique in that it is not about dieting; it is about changing a lifestyle that is destructive into one that is constructive and conducive to controlling three diseases that are relative. Diabetics are often overweight as are hypertensives. Obesity is one of the first signs of having this condition of Metabolic Syndrome or being prediabetic and/or prehypertensive.

The warnings of impending disability and complications of these diseases (heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease and the loss of limbs) only serve to discourage rather than inspire patients to believe that only a commitment to a healthy existence can change the course of these diseases. It is true that there is no cure for these diseases, but remission can be achieved with a simple lifestyle change.

This guide encourages its readers to make necessary changes in their lifestyle by conveying complex information in a manner that anyone, at any reading skill level, can understand. It addresses the confusion born out of the lack of knowledge of how these diseases affect the function of the major organs.

It contains information that food manufacturers don’t want the consumers of their products to know about. The government issued mandates regulating the packaging, nutrition and ingredient labeling that food manufacturers must adhere to, but too many consumers do not understand the scientific terminology or the mathematical operations that have to be implemented for them to be useful. This guide makes the computation of total carbs, appropriate serving sizes, and understanding the good vs. bad fat content simple.

The guide is created so that the readers can have, at their fingertips, the necessary nutrition and dangerous ingredients information while shopping and eating out. It also has a collection of recipes created in the author’s own kitchen and rehabbed recipes taken from respected medical publications with a nutritional char at the end of each. The guide addresses healthy lifestyle meals through the offering of a list of substitutions that replace “dangerous” food products with food products that are wholesome.

It not only addresses dietary changes, specifically for those with these diseases, it offers a glimpse of how developing an exercise regimen can be implemented for everyone. It offers a list of exercise programs that are available to seniors and low-income individuals and suggestions of how to exercise at home for those who cannot get out.

“I have been a type 2 diabetic and borderline hypertensive for 11 years. It is because of my struggle to control my diseases (Metabolic Syndrome and being overweight), haunted by the possibility of disability or death if I didn’t conform to a
‘diabetic lifestylethat I began researching the disease because I believed that I could overcome both without being dependent on medication all of my life. I have experienced success. My A1C is consistently 6.1 or lower, my waistline is ½ of my height and I have been med free for 5 months! My blood pressure is consistently in normal range. I want to share the ‘cure’.”  --Author Cynthia Bland
No one could ever understand the pain, frustration and desperation of having a potentially fatal disease that requires the “owners” total control. Coupled with the fact that the diagnosis of diabetes and/or hypertension (Metabolic Syndrome), and morbid obesity is frightening enough, the diagnoses come with little information to help patients understand the personal responsibility of their own healing. With most diseases comes a treatment plan, medication and other healing therapies. With Diabetes comes a “good luck.”

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(Publication date June 23, 2015)
Cooking - Health & Healing
170 pages – Paperback – 6" x 9"

Making Eating Right Easy

by Cynthia Bland