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Miss Bizzy Belle

by Larry G. Johnson

Vabella Publishing

SKU: 9781942766278
Price: $21.95

(Publication date December 6, 2012)
Fiction / Romance / Historical
378 pages – Paperback – 6.14" x 9.21"

If growing inside her was something to live for, then why did it feel like she was dying? 
It was not easy keeping a lid on the past, a latch on the present, and a lock on the future. 
“Tonya . . . We are never free until we let go.” 
How can I be true to myself, and at the same time, traverse in this universe without trespassing? 
“Are you lost?” He wanted to know. 
“No . . . I’m not lost . . . but I don’t know where I am.”  
In her journal that night, she wrote. “Why do some people get stuck as caterpillars, never able to emerge from their cocoons and become butterflies?”