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2012 Georgia Author of the Year Award Nominee

String Theory

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"I am a retired teacher. I enjoyed exposing my students to the world of thought and philosophy using literature as my medium. I taught my students that the universe is unified and that the study of literature must include philosophy, art, music, and science. I am especially interested in modern physics as it connects to metaphysics (hence the title of my first book, String Theory). My poetry is an attempt to explore the interconnectedness of everything. As I told my students constantly, 'It all connects.'

"I am a Zen Buddhist, but I see all religions as one. Religions are all attempts to explain the unity of the cosmos and to find order in the chaos. That is what my poetry explores. I began all of my classes with the ancient story of the blind men and the elephant, which gave them the basic archetypal image of my monist perspective. Poetry, like life, should be a profound and playful celebration of life, death, and everything."

Robert C. Covel

2015 Georgia Author of the Year Award Nominee

Wind Song

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