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(Publication date July 1, 2014)
Poetry / American / General
118 pages – Paperback – 6" x 9"

I call this “macho poetry” because pure poetry just doesn’t describe how I write.  Now the love poetry that I write is where I indulge my romantic side but I still choose to be simple and readable.When I graduated Georgia State University I chose to go straight into the U.S. Paratrooper Department and later I moved to the Ranger Department. Then I attended college later in my life and people were a little surprised when they found I had a bent toward poetry.  However, I have been writing all my life whether songs, poetry or stories.I write down to earth poetry 97% of the time. I don’t like my readers to have to try and figure out what I am saying. So I just call it “macho poetry”, straight words from a man.  I hope you like it.

Short Reflections

by Louis Brown