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(Publication date July 1, 2013)
Fiction / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
308 pages – Paperback – 6" x 9"

Amy Price, a young woman about to graduate college and unsure of what she wants in life, joins her father on a dig in Belize.  Discovering the ruins of an ancient temple filled with unknown writing, Amy gets pulled into the mystical world of Terra.  Held captive by the unstable Lord Borga, who believes her to be a goddess capable of conjuring a magical army and the key to subjugating the realm, Amy escapes with help of Hayate, a young knight from the kingdom of Ithor.

Refusing to accept that she may be part of an ancient prophecy that claims she will be responsible for either saving the realm or destroying it, Amy embarks on a quest to locate three magical jewels and find a way home.  Traveling the fanciful world of Terra alongside Hayate, she befriends Ikari, a young Lord trying to find his own place in the world.  Beset by peril and adventure, Amy must deal with the consequences of her arrival, and the machinations of those seeking to use her for their own benefit.

Song of the Goddess

by Jason Argos