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Identical twins, Kathy and Maggie, yearned to camp out in their backyard with their older brother, Billy, one long, hot summer night. Only thing is, it’s Billy’s tenth birthday and the campout is part of his birthday wish. Kathy grouses until she gets her wish granted—and, as the saying goes, you better watch what you wish for! Let the adventures begin! 
The twins invite a guest over for the campout and outnumber the boys 3-2. Hoping the odds are in their favor, the girls team up against the boys. The boys have other ideas and have planned a night full of misadventures to try out on the girls. A scavenger hunt involving rabbit poop and live roaches is just the beginning. It’s the haunted house across the creek and the ghost story that creep the girls out. But Kathy has plans to fight back and revenge is oh, so sweet!

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(Publication date April 7, 2015)
Juvenile Fiction - Action & Adventure - General
102 pages – Paperback – 5.5" x 8.5"

The Backyard Campout

by Kat & Margaret King