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SKU: 9781938230530
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Publication date September 23, 2013
True Crime / Murder / General
242 pages – Paperback – 6" x 9"

When a beautiful young Canadian woman travels to Bermuda in early summer, she intends to spend two months at the home of her closest friend. But seventeen-year-old Jessica Middleman’s vacation in Paradise comes to a hasty and violent end when she is viciously murdered after just two weeks on the Atlantic island-chain. Bermuda authorities are at first stunned that such a terrible crime could be perpetrated in their nation. They are baffled by the crime and are initially bereft of clues. The police employ a combination of high-technology equipment and old-fashioned investigative techniques in solving one of Bermuda’s most heinous crimes. And, although the authorities capture suspects in the case, they are never entirely certain they have arrested all of those responsible.This novel is based on actual events from a 1996 Bermuda slaying. The character-names have been changed and some of the accounts contained in the work are pure fiction.

The End of Paradise

by George Bauer